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Objectives and Goals

The high-level goals of this e-commerce plataform are:

Portuguese Translation
The stable osCommerce version 2.2 doesn't offer an official portuguese translation. doCommerce aims at maintaining and support a complete portuguese translation, not only for the official release but also for many useful contributions.

EU-laws compliance
Nowadays, the European Union regulates and oversees e-commerce directives. These directives dictates the features and functionalities of an e-commerce platform and online shop, both in terms of security and in terms of privacy for the online customer. doCommerce aims at fulfilling all directives by patching and fixing osCommerce in order to make it fully compliant with European e-commerce laws.

Practical and Simple
One of the reasons why osCommerce plataform was choosen is because it's very practical, not only for the online shop management and technical teams but also for the visitors and customers. Despite being a fully featured shopping cart system it's still simple to maintain and use.

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