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Objectives and Goals

The main technical goals of this e-commerce plataform are:

Follow Standards
The layout and other visual aspects of the site must be driven by Cascading Style Sheets, compatible with latest browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x and Mozilla 1.4.

Hosting Independant
As far as possible, the platform must not imply any constraints or make any assumptions regarding hosting requirements. The only requirements are to have PHP enabled for server-side scripting and a running MySQL database engine for the backend.

Browser Independant
Only requirement made to browsers are that they understand or are compatible with CSS Level 2. But, in order to provide a more friendly navigation both to visitors and for customers, there are some requirements to be met by browsers: cookies are enabled and javascript client-side scripting is enabled. Most recent browsers are well suited to view online shops built using doCommerce plataform.

Last but not least, it must allow more modules to be added or plugged in to the plataform without disruption of live site. These add-ons are included by left or right columns code, or as modules, and can be enabled or disabled with much ease.

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